10 oct 2014


now my life is drawing drawing n drawing

draw until maddd ady


everyday cycle

clean my desk , draw , become messy again



do de history untill….

dk hw 2 say haizzzz


tat day do untill sien ady



i hate china drawing , islamic osooooo

so damn hard


last week so crazy

second assignment is given

all die 99


think de idea oso brain need 2 explode ady


my cute little prototype

vry cacat

at first it was a sun  - -


nt alike

thn chg 2 tunnel ady hahahaha


the day b4 de presentation

stay over at frennsss house

all burn midnite oil


make de model make until pek cek

wn kill ppl ady


use like 5 hours 2 finish

10341605_622519801178052_2480172554608791545_n 10382144_622519837844715_9055555935772202710_n

thn din expect so diff

become another thg ady


thn simply draw


midnite  all become vry hiper



n thn next morning

raining bull shit

really bull shit


all gt wet

only 2 protect de damn model


thn de presentation

i oso dk wat i present


so randommmmm

词穷 lol


after de presentation

is the report


de lecture so funny

de report been rejected



becuz of  point form




that day i bcome a zombie ady

cn go scare  ppl  hahaha





all  go vacation

left me home alone


strange feelllll

so chamm

need 2 rush my assignment n do house work



10428507_622519917844707_5680351857953215497_n 10441474_622519937844705_9191136658126901089_n


use pencil 2 draw is better

after i colour

it end up like shiiit

a greeeen shit





go fetch mummy from klia 2


find de way 2 thr oso need 1 hr more

big mall

i like it


better thn lcct

they bought many many many chocolate

i think i cn eat whole year long


10370990_622519784511387_7871995288178935762_n 10441412_622519741178058_846316966497917438_n


dk why baba buy purfume for me

dk hw 2 use either lol

but cute lar



nw 1 week 1 assignment



i think i end up become a panda