its been a long time that i come to my own old blog

i think its time to give it a short update

although i haven found any solution about the damn google security thing

that i cannot use any third party software to update my blog

so i just use this fucking blogger system

still so sucks tho

i think the last time i update is a year ago

kay . nvrmind

is been 2 years since we graduated.

and its been alot of changes since thn

i sacrifice alot due to the damn subject that i choose

i lost alot of things like friends during my college life

but at the same time i oso knew who is the real friend to me

and thats how i met my boyfiend

thanks for being supportive and a good friend to me

people things that i keep using "assignment" as excuses to avoid going out

so sorry

to be honest , im not as good as other people

and that why i use more time that other people to finish up one whole fucking finale


but thanks to this course, it changed my perspective of thinking

i be able to enjoy life rather that live for the life that people likes

i dont care how people judge me anymore

i dont ever care about gossip stuff

i think ill hate it

poeple thats always carry gossip everywhr

lets put it that way

they mostly got no life

38 is their true meaning of living ,and gossip about meaningless stuff or made out some nonsense that hurt people alot

one i had been hurt really bad by it during secondary school

one slap that hit so hard in my life that i cannot forget

and my coursemate made out some story that i dont even do

and she still thinks she doing the right thing

 kindly reminder
people please live your own life rather thn ruin it

what you did will hit back to you in the future