2nd of May 2017

I'm here to update my half year of life start from.. i don't know where did i missed, so basically i just ended my intern life one month ago. my half year of the intern life were fun and frustrated by some staff that aren't so responsible for their own business.

but i get to return to the healthy life style again, no more overnight and hanging into another time zone.  i get to eat healthy.. but not so healthy and i get to do some exsersice. yeyyyy.. okay. 

After the internship i am officially graduate from the diploma. im just so happy.. am i ?
vacation is a must for after working for 6 month, so we are heading to the banting tadom hill resort. the entrance is located just beside the main road, if u drive too fast u will miss it.

The activity there is just relaxing or u can choose to swim in the lake and there will be some activity can be going on there. my course mate decided to play in the lake while waiting for check in. so there is a extreme spot which is tadom splash that had scare the heck out of me, and its painful (for my butt).

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 but the swing is no longer funtioning because the water lever had increased and i dont know why. maybe the pee from the people made it grown, i dont know, im just kidding.

 Overall is a nice place to gather and the staff are very nice and helpful. although we were wake by a bunch of people that raised their voice around 7a.m, especially those annoying girls that shout. in the end, its kinda worth it...?

 bye diploma~

- end -